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12 de jul de 2017

Michael Sweet e John Schlitt: juntos no Brasil em agosto; ingresso com desconto até 14 de julho

Michael Sweet (Stryper) e John Schlitt (Petra) farão uma série de shows acústicos pelo Brasil.  Eles estarão no Brasil para uma série de apresentações no mês de agosto.

Michael Sweet e John W. Schlitt convidam os fãs para o;postID=1633134911275123128s shows no Brasil! Serão noites históricas!

23.08 - Rio de Janeiro -
25.08 - Goiânia -
26.08 - São Paulo -
27.08 - Curitiba -
29.08 - Belo Horizonte -

Ingressos com até 75% de desconto até o dia 14 de julho! Garanta já o seu


com informações de EV7 Live
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19 de mar de 2017

Download now: Petra discografia (1990 a 1998)

War & Remembrance (1990) 
Disc 1
01.Come and Join Us
02.Why Should the Father Bother
03.Yahweh Song
04.Coloring Song
06.Angel of Light
07.Stand Up
08.Second Wind
09.More Power to Ya
10.Road to Zion
11.Not of this World
12.Grave Robber
13.Not by Sight
14.Beat the System
15.Computer Brains
17.Praise Medley

Disc 2
18.Back to the Street
19.Whole World
20.Thankful Heart
21.This Means War!
22.Don't Let Your Heart be Hardened
23.Get on Your Knees and Fight Like a Man
24.I Am Available
25.All Fired Up
26.Hit You Where You Live
27.First Love
28.Parting Thought

Beyond Belief (1991)
01.Armed and Dangerous
02.I Am on the Rock
04.Beyond Belief
07.Seen and Not Heard
08.Last Daze
09.What's in a Name

PetraFied - The Best of Petra (1991)
01.Why Should The Father Bother?
02.Yahweh Love
03.The Coloring Song
04.Praise Ye The Lord
05.More Power To Ya
06.Let Everything That Hath Breath
07.Not Of This World
08.Not By Sight
09.Hollow Eyes
10.Thankful Heart
11.Whole World
12.This Means War!
13.Don't Let Your Heart Be Hardened
14.All Fired Up
15.First Love

Unseen Power (1991)
02.Who's on the Lord's Side
03.Ready, Willing, and Able
04.Hand on My Heart
05.I Need to Hear from You
07.Secret Weapon
08.Sight Unseen
09.Hey World
10.In the Likeness of You 

En Alabanza (1993) 
01.Amo Al Señor
02.Rey de Reyes
03.Cristo Glorioso Rey
04.La Batalla Es De Nuestro Señor
05.Señor Llévame A Tus Atrios
06.La Salvación Es De Nuestro Dios
07.El Rey De Gloria Entrará
08.Yo Celebraré/El Espíritu De Dios
09.Te Alabo
10.Tu Nombre Santo Es
12.Clamaré a mi Señor
13.Te Exaltamos

Petraphonics (1992)
01.Radio Daze new maxi-single
02.Why Should the Father Bother?
03.The Coloring Song
04.More Power to Ya
05.Road to Zion
06.Not of This World
07.Grave Robber
08.Hollow Eyes
09.Thankful Heart
10.Fool's Gold
11.I Am Available
12.Don't Let Your Heart Be Hardened
13.First Love 

Wake up call (1993) 
01.Midnight Oil
02.Good News
03.Strong Convictions
04.He's Been in My Shoes
05.Praying Man
06.Underneath the Blood
07.Sleeping Giant
08.Believer in Deed
09.Marks of the Cross
10.Just Reach Out

Power Praise (1993)
01.Power Praise
02.Yahweh Love
03.Praise Ye the Lord
04.Without Him We Can Do Nothing
05.Let Everything That Hath Breath
06.Lift Him Up
08.You Are I Am
09.You Are My Rock
10.Somebody's Gonna Praise His Name

No Doubt (1995) 
01.Enter In
02.Think Twice
03.Heart of a Hero
04.More than a Thousand Words
05.No Doubt
06.Right Place
07.Two Are Better Than One
08.Sincerely Yours
09.Think on These Things
10.For All You're Worth
11.We Hold Our Hearts Out to You

Rock Block (1995)
01.The Rock Block
02.Angel of Light
03.Counsel of the Holy
04.Not by Sight
05.Shakin' the House
06.Second Wind
07.Hit You Where You Live
08.He Came, He Saw, He Conquered
09.Judas' Kiss
10.Stand Up
11.Killing My Old Man
12.All Fired Up
13.Get on Your Knees and Fight Like a Man
15.God Gave Rock and Roll to You (Argent cover)

Petra Praise 2 - We Need Jesus (1997)
01.Song of Moses
02.Lord I Lift Your Name on High
03.Be of Good Cheer
04.Show Your Power
05.I Love You Lord
06.The Holiest Name
07.Let Our Voices Rise Like Incense
08.Ancient of Days
09.10.I Waited For The Lord
Lovely Lord
12.We Need Jesus

God Fixation (1998)
01.If I Had to Die for Someone
02.Hello Again
03.A Matter of Time
04.Falling Up
05.Over the Horizon
06.God Fixation
07.Set for Life
08.Magnet of the World
09.Shadow of a Doubt
10.St. Augustine's Pears
11.The Invitation
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18 de mar de 2017

Michael Sweet e John Schlitt: juntos em turnê no Brasil

Michael Sweet (Stryper) e John Schlitt (Petra) farão uma série de shows acústicos pelo Brasil. A notícia veio através do jornalista José Norberto Flesch, confirmada agora pouco pelo vocalista Michael Sweet (Stryper). Eles estarão no Brasil para uma série de apresentações no mês de agosto.

Confira as datas já confirmadas pela EV7 Live, produtora.

23/8 Rio de Janeiro
25/8 Goiânia
26/8 São Paulo
27/8 Curitiba
29/8 Belo Horizonte

Fonte: Templo Metal
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